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Simplon Partners LP is designed for US residents and Simplon International Limited for offshore residents. The funds have been in existence since 1989 and concentrate on situations with market capitalizations of under $500 million where pricing inefficiencies are most likely to occur. Generally the strategy is to acquire bonds, bank debt or trade claims at a discount to face value and hold them until a Chapter 11 plan of reorganization (or other financial restructuring) can be completed to deleverage the balance sheet of an otherwise healthy business. This process often takes over a year, so that realized gains are generally long-term, providing favorable tax treatment for domestic investors. The focus is on the most senior claims in a company’s capital structure to limit downside risk. The funds never use margin loans or other leverage further limiting risk. The funds do not seek control positions in any of their investments but, when needed, the principals may serve on creditors’ committees or corporate boards.

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